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Malanadu Ammonia (P) Ltd.


  • Liquor Ammonia
    Liquor ammonia is produced by dissolving anhydrous ammonia in water. There are various manufacturing processes to produce liquor ammonia. A commonly used method is the batch method. This is done in batch quantities of approximately 10,000 Liters with successive batches being stored in larger tanks

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    Liquor Ammonia

  • anhydrous ammonia

    Brand Name : Malanadu Ammonia

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    anhydrous ammonia

  • Ammonium Hydroxide

    Appearance : Transparent Liquid

    Physical State : Liquid

    Packaging Size : 10-100 liter

    Usage : Industrial, Laboratory

    Chemical formula : NH4OH

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    Ammonium Hydroxide

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Gas

    Purity : 100%

    Grade : Superior

    Formula : Nh3

    Molar Mass : 17.031 G/mol

    Boiling Point : -33.34 °c

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    Anhydrous Ammonia Gas